NOS VS. Restored

New old stock (abbreviated NOS) refers to merchandise being offered which was manufactured long ago but that has never been used. Such merchandise may not be produced anymore.

Automobile trim restoration is the process of repairing a trim piece to return it to essentially the same or better condition than it was in when it left the factory at time of manufacture.

It is my opinion that a restored product has a higher level of quality than NOS. That is, provided the core used in the restoration process is in good enough condition.

NOS parts were manufactured as high production items. It is common to find new old stock merchandise with scratches, dents, bends, and other manufacturing "defects".

When performing a restoration, we strive for show quality, that is, removing nicks, dents, bends, no scratches in the metal, a more durable protective layer, better quality paints and precise masking and detailing. It is important to duplicate to the best of our abilities the original look as when it left the factory, only better!.