What we do ?

We restore your aluminum , stainless steel  and plastic trim to show quality and concours standards.

Chrome plating on plastics, pot metal, steel, brass.

Once the trim is restored, we apply the correct paints, textures and decals to duplicate the OE (original manufacture) finishes.

Often, we achieve levels of quality above and beyond OE.

We work in all sorts of car trim and models;

Mopar's, Porsche's, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Austin's, American Motors, etc.

Typical components to be restored are ;

Grilles, headlight bezels, tail light bezels, rear finish panels, hood lip moldings, side trim moldings, hubcaps, open wheel moldings, handles, knobs, interior moldings, dashboard trim, consoles, etc.

For more information about our process please visit our website.